A Skill That Cannot Be Ignored

As a young boy, I dreamt of becoming a public speaker, a presenter – just like those priests or politicians who often give speeches, addresses, and presentations.

But I was shy. I was silent and reserved. I would turn red and tend to ramble when all eyes were on me. As a result, I chose not to speak to spare myself from embarrassment.

One day, I realized that this was not benefiting me or the people around me. I had to change.

I began my journey to discover what must be done. When I found the path to develop, I stepped into it and followed it decisively. At first, it was fearsome. It was terrifying. It was difficult. But I kept moving my feet, one foot in front of the other. I ran when I could. I rested a while when needed. And today, I continue to walk that path.

SpeakPhoto by George Milton on Pexels.com

I look back and see how I grew a lot in the process. It was worth the effort. It was worth the courage. Today, I do not say it was fearsome, it was rather fun! Today, I do not say it was terrifying, it was rather terrific. Today, I invite you to take that step onto this path of progress in the field of public speaking.

Accept this invitation and it will change the course of your journey into something bigger, better, and brighter.

Accept this skill, develop this tool you need in life. After all, communicating is not optional, we have to do it every day.

(This is an excerpt from the book SPEAK: How to Craft and Deliver a Speech or Presentation with Competence and Confidence by Chris Dao-anis. Get your copy at messengerofhopebooks.com/speak.)

Published by Chris Dao-anis

I help Filipino coaches, trainers & speakers deliver impactful presentations and write books to further reach and credibility.

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