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Be a Child Again

Last Christmas, while gazing out into the open and being caressed by the cool December breeze, this thought came to mind – you and I are invited to be a child again. What does this mean? Are we going to join the small and young children running around the park and play with them?

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A Skill That Cannot Be Ignored

As a young boy, I dreamt of becoming a public speaker, a presenter – just like those priests or politicians who often give speeches, addresses, and presentations. But I was shy. I was silent and reserved. I would turn red and tend to ramble when all eyes were on me. As a result, I chose…

Be a Child Again

As you enter the mall, you can feel that Christmas is in the air. You can see some lanterns and Christmas trees. They want to fill the atmosphere with the spirit of joy. And we love it!  You and I want to be joyful. Perhaps this is the reason why we love Christmas because during…

Remind Your Married Friends

Entering marriage is hands-down meaningful and challenging at the same time. Differences… Disagreements… Distance… And even debt! These are just some of the things married couples face. That’s why a few reminders here and thereFrom loving friends, ninong and ninangsAnd through books like this… Grow Old With Youby Ms. Mary Ann Balance-Baldo… are a great…

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