Embracing Imperfections


Your pains and wounds can become your source of unbelievable strength. Your wounds when healed can become your means to help and it can be others’ source of healing and transformation. Your brokenness can become your limitless drive to reach the ladder of success. Massive growth is going to take its place. This is not far from becoming a reality.

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What people are saying…

“Each one of us is imperfect in one way or another; hence, this book is ideal for everyone who is looking for ways to overcome those imperfections in them. With many real-life stories and practical examples combined with the narrative style of writing, this book is easy and simple to read. Upon completion of reading this amazing book, you will realize how much opportunities exist in every imperfect situation you have encountered in life which could in turn help you to become a better person if you know how to accept and embrace them well.”
Tony AlbertIT Consultant and Trainer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Indeed, our life has many imperfections and we need to embrace them. I love the book, especially those true stories of life that show different actions of people in the same situations in life. If you want to know more, read this book and find out the eight keys that you can utilize to rise above your imperfect situations.”
~ Lardie Bula-ayAuthor and CPA
Tabuk, Kalinga, Philippines

“I can relate to many of her stories. She delivers a message of hope that amidst life’s difficulties are empowering and enlightening lessons that can help us live a meaningful life.”
~ Chris Dao-anisAuthor, Inspirational Speaker, Book Coach
Baguio City, Philippines

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About the Author

AILYN TENGICAN LAGDA is a licensed professional teacher teaching in one of the schools in Thailand. Prior to this, she worked in a non-government organization as an administrative assistant in the Philippines for five years. Her job gave her the opportunity to attend several personality development and leadership formations and trainings in and outside the country, organized events, and gave similar trainings to youths and young adults along with her friends and her leader in some parts of the Cordilleras and Central Luzon. These exposures allowed her to work with different nationalities which led her to wonderful possibilities.