NxtGen Farmer


Do you want to break free from the cycle of poverty?

Don’t lose hope.

Stop thinking that you’re destined to be poor.
You have the ability to change your destiny!

You can have a better life for your family.

You just need to understand the three essential keys to unlock the poverty prison door.

Read this book and find out why you must be and how you can be a NxtGen Farmer.


“I am so glad that finally, someone wrote about the harsh realities that have long bound our rural farmers in poverty. Things which are usually discussed amongst us but were not looked into deep enough to seek the real root of those problems in order to give the right solutions. The author has carefully looked through the superficial problems that beset rural farmers and put together carefully researched and proven solutions learned from the University of Life to help rural farmers help themselves break away from the bondage of poverty.”
~ Sunshine Molintas
Entrepreneur, Owner of QRS Farms

“The NxtGen Farmer is a great guide for everyone who seeks to achieve his goal in life. It is applicable not only in agriculture but also in other fields. I loved to proceed every time I finished a page.”
~ Atty. Osano Paredes, Department of Agriculture (Central Office) – Legal Service

“Highly recommended. It inspires all of us, in any walk of life as we strive for a better life. The Next Gen Farmer is a must read.”
~ Christopher U. Ismael, CEO, Ismael and Co., CPAs

“Inspiring and informative! The author easily captivated my interest with his firsthand experiences and learning frameworks aimed to level up one’s economic well-being. Two thumbs up!”
~ AVP Edward Mansion, Development Bank of the Philippines, Co-Owner of Spacio Caliraya Events Venue, Laguna

“Mr. Bula-ay addresses a societal issue close to his heart with a palpable sense of specificity and purpose. In this day and age, it is nothing short of tragic that those who put in the most work end up getting the smallest piece of the proverbial pie. The book frames this problem with an empowering solution. Read to find out.”
~ Matthew Munoz, CPA, CFM, Chartered Financial Modeler | Senior Manager, Hitachi Rail

“This book tells stories of the ups and downs of life’s discovering journey, and of struggles and bad experiences but never losing focus on the brighter side of everything and appreciating one’s own inherent abilities that must be willingly shared in transforming one’s beloved community by ardently starting the initial step.”
~ Gregorio F. Roxas, CPA, MBA Author | Professor


Lardie Bula-ay, CPA, REA, REB is known as an accountant in his father’s small farming village in Mountain Province. He was born at the rice granary of the Cordillera Region—Tabuk City, Kalinga.

Early on, he has been receiving awards and recognitions including Athlete of the Year having been a participant in the 1998 Centennial Palarong Pambansa, winner in a recycled Christmas lantern contest, and a graduate with honors in his science class batch 2002. He wanted to enroll in BS Criminology but ended up in BS Accountancy. While he was in college, he joined the ROTC as a cadet officer and became a JPIA officer.

After becoming a Certified Public Accountant, he became an audit staff and then a college instructor. He has been in the development banking industry for 12 years now, holding several positions: Account Officer, OIC of Regional Marketing Center – Marketing Assistance Team, Acting Branch Head, and Acting Lending Center Head.

He was a recipient of the Plaque of Recognition as Business Development Officer and was recognized in Excellence and Outstanding Performance in Credit Risk Management eLearning Program.

But on top of all these, Lardie is a husband and a father to two daughters and a son. He is said to be the favorite grandson of grandma Kubbabang.

More Acclaims for the NxtGen Farmer

“The NxtGen Farmer is an all-in-one book if you are looking for inspiring stories, farming tips, and business tips. The reflections from the author allow a reader to realize how lifelong learning can transform people’s lives from poverty to having a sustainable livelihood.  This book is inspiring, informative, and relatable. What more could you want?” ~ Gretchen C. Dawaton Entrepreneurship Educator

“You will draw a lot of inspiration from this book. It promotes sustainability. It provides practical life lessons we all learn from the University of Life but sometimes fail to implement. Be one of the NxtGen Farmers!” ~ Ailyn Lagda A farmer’s daughter, LPT, OFW

“The book encourages harnessing our super ability to learn through sharing life experiences infused with knowledge. It advocates the combination of ancient and modern lifestyles as a practical solution for sustainable living and financial management.” ~ Raymund Francis Escala, CPA, MBA Author | Teacher | Public Practitioner

“The book contains analysis based on day to day situation of a common farmer. It is easy to absorb and written in a way that it is easy to comprehend.” ~ Christopher Ramsyl S. Estolas Station Manager, 98.5 iFM Cauayan

“The right mindset and the willingness to continuously develop oneself are essential to be able to adapt in today’s VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. I hope this book will guide you in creating opportunities not only for yourself but also for others.” ~ Chester Pacio, CPA, CFC, MBA Country Head, The Meloy Fund; Impact Investments

“We can be more than what we think we can if we learn to take control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. May you become an empowered NxtGen Farmer!”  ~ Kendrick Anthony F. Canuto LPT, Mental Health Advocate

“If we want a secure and sustainable living, becoming a NxtGen  Farmer is what we need, indeed! Read this book to know more.” ~ Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM Author | Coach | Trainer | Speaker