Should I Say Yes

Are you afraid to say yes?

Are you being called into a mission but you’re not sure if it’s from God?
Or maybe you believe it’s God’s but you’re afraid of what’s ahead.

In this book by Winnie Ng,

  • you will discover her journey with the Lord – a challenging yet exciting one.
  • you will glance through the times when God was healing, pruning, and leading her so that she could be more fruitful in her service as a disciple.

As you do, she invites you to seek God because He is madly in love with you and He has a plan and purpose for you that is bigger, better, and bolder than anything you could ever imagine.

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What People Say About This Book

Although I have known Winnie for a very long time, I found this book amazing as it highlights how God has worked through her over these years and in so many different ways. Winnie’s life story is a true example that God could use an ordinary person as His instrument to do extraordinary things beyond one’s imagination. Her testimony is truly an inspiration to many who are seeking God or contemplating how to respond to God’s Call.

~ Tony Albert, Corporate Trainer, Speaker & Consultant | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I found myself glued to the pages as I got to know how the author responded to the question: Should I say Yes? It is a question that we find ourselves having reservations about when it comes to responding to life and faith. We always seek for assurance. Nevertheless, the author has something to offer not simply as an alternative but something borne from experience and faith. This book is a good read for discernment.

~ Fr. Manuel G. Flores, Jr. Spiritual Director, Cornerstone Covenanted Community

If you are looking for what God is calling you to do, this book can help you. Read it with a prayerful heart. And get ready for what He will reveal to you.

~ Chris Dao-anis, Author, Speaker and Book Coach

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This book is an intimate look at how saying yes to the Lord is not something to be afraid of, rather an exciting journey when we give him the reigns of our lives and let him direct us lovingly wherever he wants us to go.

~ Sharron Morais, Madrid, Spain

An inspiring true-life story of the author, who at every turn of her life, puts her uttermost trust in the Lord and journeys to where He leads her. A story of how her prayers, her discernment and her faith allow her to touch the lives of many others in so many parts of this world and how this, in turn heals her.  The story of her joys, her challenges and her total faith in the Lord. This testimony will certainly encourage us to look at our own lives, to pray and to discern and to see what the Lord is asking of us in our own lives.

~ Jerry Benjamin, Retired Teacher and Teacher Trainer | Borneo, Malaysia

A must-read book for young people and anyone who is seeking direction in their lives. Winnie’s example of patiently discerning before making decisions and obediently obeying the Lord regardless of how she thinks and feels about her assignments is refreshing at a time when decisions during the pandemic can be mostly out of need or of survival.

~ Donna Althea G. Llusala, Government Employee | Manila, Philippines

Should I Say Yes? is a very powerful autobiography specially for the young people who are looking for an inspiration as they respond to where God is calling them to go and to do. The journey of Winnie Ng will guide you to your own journey of finding faith in God and to His plan for you. Indeed, a must read for every Catholic faithful. It is not only a very beautiful story, it was also beautifully written. May this book touch the lives of all the young and even the old.

~ Rev. Fr. Mathew F. Dontogan III, Team Moderator-Our Lady of Fatima Parish – Itogon | Superintendent – Diocese of Baguio-Schools

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About the Author

Winnie Ng is a Catholic convert. Since her encounter with the Lord through the Holy Spirit in 1988, her life was never the same again. She has experienced many wonderful things and has become passionate for the Lord. Her faith and trust in Jesus have led her to tremendous change, healing and growth.

She was a staff in the Institute for World Evangelization (ICPE) in Poland and in the Philippines for 10 years. During those times she had the opportunity to do mission trips in many different countries including India, Albania and Poland. She has served as a full-time missionary for 25 years.

In 2008, she founded the Cornerstone Covenanted Community in Baguio City, Philippines. In 2021, Winnie became a Professional Certified Co-Create Co-Active Life Coach under Life Coach Philippines.

She aims to continue to be a living testimony of God’s love and grace to His people. She continues to stand with conviction in her heart and not to give up on anything that makes her heart soar—all for the glory of God.

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