Do you want to enhance your public speaking skills?

Do you aim to present more effectively but don’t know how?

Are you looking for tips on how prepare your presentation next week but also wanting a strategic framework to help you in the long-run?

If yes, you came to the right place.

Here’s a book that can help you do just that.

You Cannot Ignore Public Speaking

As a young boy, Chris Dao-anis dreamt of becoming a public speaker, a presenter – just like those priests or politicians who often give speeches, addresses, and presentations. 

But he was shy. He was silent and reserved. He would turn red and tend to ramble when all eyes were on him. As a result, he chose not to speak to spare myself from embarrassment. 

One day, he realized that this was not benefiting him nor the people around him. He had to change. 

He began his journey to discover what must be done. When he found the path to help him develop, he stepped into it and followed it decisively. At first, it was fearsome. It was terrifying. It was difficult. But he kept moving his feet, one foot in front of the other. He ran when he could. He rested a while when needed. And today, he continues to walk that path. 

He says, “I look back and see how I grew a lot in the process. It was worth the effort. It was worth the courage. Today, I do not say it was fearsome, it was rather fun! Today, I do not say it was terrifying, it was rather terrific. Today, I invite you to take that step onto this path of progress in the field of public speaking.” 

You, too, can become a speaker.

Accept this invitation and it will change the course of your journey into something bigger, better, and brighter. 

Accept this skill, develop this tool you need in life. After all, communicating is not optional, we have to do it every day. 

Public Speaking Is Not Optional 

You and I can become better public speakers regardless of our profession or business. Public speaking is not limited to professional speakers, trainers, teachers, priests, pastors, preachers, professors and politicians. It is a mistake to forget about public speaking if you are not one of them. It is also a mistake to forget about public speaking once you become one of them. 

You and I need to hone our public speaking skills no matter what we do in life. 

All of us – at certain points in our lives – have spoken and will speak or present in various occasions for several reasons. So even if you are not a speaker by profession, this book is for you. And if you speak or present regularly as part of who you are and what you do, this book is for you. 

It may sound grandiose, but this book aims to help build a better community through better presentations and speeches every time a speaker or presenter takes the stage.

With this book, Chris invites you to join me as we journey together to build a better community, a better country, a better world…

one better public speaker and presenter at a time. 

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Building the Skill with This Book 

This book will help you gain the knowledge and skills and the competence and confidence to craft and deliver speeches and presentations. 

Chapter 1 discusses the importance of developing your communication and public speaking skills. 

Chapter 2 shares Chris’ story and that of other people who transformed from somebody who was shy or not-so competent in speaking before an audience to someone who speaks with competence and confidence.

Chapter 3 gives an overview of the framework of crafting and delivering a speech or presentation; each part will have a focused discussion in the succeeding chapters. 

Chapter 4 presents the areas to be considered when crafting your speech content: how to aim your presentation, how to support it, and how to write it. 

Chapter 5 reveals patterns or sequences you can use to structure your presentation. external tools and technology.

Chapter 6 provides you tools in delivering your presentation powerfully from your voice to your body to other external tools and technology. 

Chapter 7 focuses on how you will be able to connect with your audience not just during your presentation but even as you prepare it. 

Chapters 8 and 9 support your aspiration to build competence and confidence. The chapters give you strategies and tips to develop your competence and gain more confidence. 

And Chapter 10 closes and challenges you into something higher, bigger, and more beautiful. 

This book is for you. 

Public Speaking in the Time of the Pandemic

We have been disturbed by this pandemic. Many have stopped. On the other hand, a good number has continued. One of those is communication, public speaking — now more on virtual presentations.

This simply reminds us that these, communication and public speaking, are not optional.

If we want to continue delivering value in our work or in our business, we must continue to develop our communication and public speaking skills.

By doing so, we will:

– reach and influence more people (employees, leaders, customers, and clients)
– raise awareness on our mission, cause, and advocacy
– effectively convey our message of inspiration and instruction
– train our people better
– present proposals and pitches that get approved, or at least understood and considered

In this book, Chris Dao-anis shares a framework that will enable you to follow a practical path and implement actionable steps so you can craft and deliver a speech or presentation with competence and confidence.

And more than that, he has outlined a strategic blueprint that you can put to practice so this is not just for one speech or presentation, but geared to help YOU become a competent and confident speaker.

You will acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare you to face an immediate need to present and also for the long term.

Even the bestselling author, highly esteemed speaker Bo Sanchez has this to say, “Want to be a Speaker? You must read this book.”

It’s time to unleash your public speaking potential.

About the Author

Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM is a communication and leadership trainer, inspirational speaker and author. He is the author of six books including The Gift of the Ordinary, 7 Keys to Achieve Your Aspirations, and Living Large in the Little Things. 

He is a graduate of BS Accountancy and BS Financial & Management Accounting (Cum Laude) from the University of the Cordilleras. As a Certified Public Accountant, he served as an auditor with Punongbayan & Araullo for a year, and as a process improvement analyst and marine payroll accountant with Thome Ship Management-ROHQ in Makati City where he last served as a supervisor. 

He has been an active member of the prestigious Toastmasters International since 2010. In 2016, he ranked Top 3 in the national level (District 75) for the International Speech Contest. In 2017, he was awarded the certificate Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest norm granted to members across the globe. In 2018, he won as the Division G Champion for the International Speech category. He has been taking on leadership roles including being a Division Director. 

Chris is a former columnist for the Herald Express, a weekly newspaper in Baguio City. His column called The Speaker (formerly TheYoungMind) has been inspiring and instructing readers in the Cordillera and nearby regions. 

Different groups of students, out-of-school youth, teachers, community workers, entrepreneurs, employees of different levels, priests, pastors, and men-in-uniform have been part of his audiences. He is one of the country’s rising inspirational speakers of today. 

He now lives in Baguio City with his wife and newborn son.

What people are saying…

“Want to be a Speaker? You must read this book.”

Bo Sanchez, bestselling author

“If you aspire to be a terrific public speaker, here is a book that goes beyond skills and techniques.”

Nelson Dy, author, columnist