The Law

Are you an aspiring lawyer, a practicing lawyer, or simply a law-abiding citizen who wants to be inspired and learn more about the law?

Here’s a book from a dreamer, a judge, and a believer of the Supreme Law-Giver that will instruct and inspire you through the well-written three parts:

Part One chronicles TKA’s journey in the world of law.

Part Two asks the question, “What is law?”

Law is not black and white. It is gray with its many shades. You cannot be one-dimensional when you study the law. You must have a good grasp of the interplay of the different positions that are being presented. You must not only focus on a single tree but must see the entire forest.

Part Three deals with selected legal principles with illustrative cases. This final section presents how the principles or concepts are applied in real life.

What people are saying about this book…

“Anyone practicing law, teaching it, learning it, studying about it, or thinking about whether to do any of these things should read this book. It embodies much of the wisdom that a lawyer will need to practice both successfully and sanely—and does so in a modest, elegant and refreshing way. Judge Ayungo gave insights on different legal principles and their importance to society. This is an important book, at a crucial time, in the law and in the lives of lawyers and law students. A must-read, indeed.”

~ Atty. Christine Angelica B. Elveña, CPA, LLM | Dean, Saint Louis University School of Law | Author, Understanding Income Taxation | Professor and Bar Reviewer – Taxation Law

“T.K. Ayungo has done the impossible: write a book about Law that is personal, warm, and deeply inspiring. So amazing!”

~ Bo Sanchez, Bestselling Author

“Childhood. Realization. Determination. Wisdom. Success. TKA knows his destiny, and in his book, we see how his dream to succeed revealed a Divine plan that led exactly to that.”

~ Prosecutor Don Immanuel VC Vergara | Office of the City Prosecutor, Baguio City | Professor, University of the Cordilleras College of Law

“I have high admiration for people who know the law, deep respect for those who implement it, pure love and honor for those who abide and live by it. Judge Theo is not only someone who knows, implements, and lives by the laws of men. He too, more essentially, lives by the laws of God. His book not only reveals his mind. It reveals his heart and soul, powerfully applied to something that is an intrinsic and inevitable part of our lives—the law. Journey, learn, be inspired, and be blessed by Judge Theo’s book.”

~ Alvin Barcelona, Author | Former World Bank Consultant | President-Founder, Barcelona Academy System Schools


Theodorick K. Ayungo or TKA as he is called in the legal circle, dreamt of becoming a lawyer and ultimately a judge since he was a kid. His dream was realized when he was appointed as the Presiding Judge of the Municipal Trial Court of Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija. Before his appointment in the bench, he served as an Associate Prosecutor in the City of Cabanatuan.

TKA believes that the greatest challenge in achieving a dream is keeping the dream alive and not losing one’s soul. Many employ underhanded shortcuts in achieving their dreams only to lose their souls in the process. This is also one of the reasons why he wrote this book—to help those who want to practice law and do it with excellence and integrity.

He loves the academe. He was a former Law Professor at Araullo University and presently a Lecturer at the College of Business and Accountancy of Wesleyan University Philippines.

Outside the legal circle, he is a member of the Light of Jesus Family. He completed the Light of Jesus School of Leadership Course and presently serves as one of the leaders of the Feast North Luzon.

TKA lives in Cabanatuan City with his beautiful wife Joyce and lovely daughter Kyna.