The Messenger Mastermind

Are you ready to take your “messenger” career to the next level?

If you’re pinning your hopes on whatever that comes, think again.
You’ve missed a lot of opportunities already. It’s time to take charge.

If you’ve been looking for ways on:

  • how to reach more readers for your book
  • how to combine your becoming an author into becoming a professional speaker and trainer
  • how to start getting paid for your speeches and sessions
  • how to scale up whatever you’re doing now

Then, this is for you.

This booming industry is need of messengers — authors, coaches, trainers, speakers and facilitators. You want to become one of them, right?

But you might be asking, where do I begin?

Maybe you are asking what many people are asking.

Here are the common questions that newbie messengers have:

  • I have no idea about marketing, how can I begin?
  • I’ve read tons of marketing tips, are they still applicable and practical?
  • Do I need to do book signing tours?
  • How do I get that media interview? Is it even worth it?
  • I’m unsure about how to speak on the message that my book offers. How should I approach it?
  • I dont’ know if it’s time to charge?
  • How much should I charge?
  • Is this a path worth pursuing?
  • I’m not even sure. I feel like I’m an impostor.

Why do I know these?

Because I had these concerns before and I continue to meet many people who ask all these things. Surprisingly, many people around the world share these problems.

But here’s the good news:

  • You are not alone.
  • There are people who have faced these concerns and overcome them.
  • There are ways on how you can surmount these obstacles and move forward to success and significance.

Yes, there are proven ways to increase your influence, make a good living, and live a life of meaning.

I am not saying it’s easy, but it is doable.

Challenges Along the Way

When you begin the messenger journey, however, along the way, you can get confused, overwhelmed, or find yourself drifting because of so many distractions…

What you need is a group of encouraging individuals who will cheer you on and a coach who will help you:

  • gain more clarity
  • acquire practical and simple steps to implement
  • model proven strategies from successful individuals
    so you can keep going and scaling up your business, your influence, and potentially, your income?

This is the time to say goodbye to drifting and feeling lost trying to figure out what works or hoping for whatever comes because starting today, you will begin directing and feeling in charge of your business or career.

Picture this:

  • your books in the hands of your readers
  • people queuing in line to get an autograph from you
  • you speaking, inspiring people, and sparking a difference in their lives

Imagine the thrill of going to bed knowing that you’ve made an impact in the lives of even just 10 people (or more) through a talk, coaching session, or workshop plus knowing that an additional amount of P10,000 or so (plus much more as you grow) has been deposited to your bank account (which is just a bonus in influencing people’s lives).

Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

My name is Chris Dao-anis.
I’m an author, coach, trainer, and speaker. I’ve been in this industry for seven years now. In the last 12 months, I’ve been blessed to have helped 10 aspiring authors write and publish their books.

This year, I started coaching authors to master their message and move toward marketing not just their books but their message and advocacy; and thus, building a business around their book effectively.

Blueprints, frameworks, or systems are important in this field and that’s what I am sharing.

Be part of my inner circle and I will help you using all that I learned from my seven years of meaningful experience in this industry plus all the teachings I’m gaining from mentors who are doing this on a world-class level.

I am one of the few people in the Cordilleras and the North Luzon who are doing this as a real career and at the same time, using it as an effective way to respond to the call to make a difference in other people’s lives.

With your YES, we will journey together. And the beautiful thing is that you will not just be doing what I am doing, you and I will create a synergistic wave as we reach our own audiences and clients that will make the impact that we want in the community. This shouldn’t be done by one person or few people. This industry is growing so much that it needs you to be part of it. You have something that it needs.

This is not for everybody.

This is for those who are:

  • serious in becoming a messenger (author, speaker, trainer, coach, facilitator – rolled into one)
  • serious in furthering the mission that is in their hearts
  • serious in building a career, profession, or business around this, as appropriate, so that the mission will be sustained

I Thought That Sales Would Just Come

When I published my first book, I thought that sales would automatically come. I even put my book in bookstores – three in Luzon and one in Visayas.

But sales weren’t coming.

I kept looking for ways to sell my books.

One day, I began to notice sales coming in. In two years, I’ve sold out the copies of my first book – just 500. I know, that’s small but that’s much bigger than the industry average.

I continued to look for mentors, invested in online courses, and coaching programs… then I began building a business around my books.

This is my seventh year in this industry and I’m loving it!
I’ve been blessed to have reached thousands of readers, speaking to thousands of audiences around the country –
influencing them to live better lives.

I’m grateful that I said yes to this mission and to this industry.

  • I have trained out-of-school youths in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  • I have spoken at national conferences and other big events.
  • I have given talks on stages where celebrity and international speakers have previously spoken.
  • I have coached scientists and researchers on their presentations for national conferences.
  • I have helped aspiring authors finally write and publish their first books.
  • I have modeled and shared principles and practices on masterful messaging and marketing for ‘messengers’.

This could be you.
And I’m super excited for you.

Because in my years of coaching and training, nothing beats the feeling of helping others achieve their dreams.

I know it seems impossible, but it is doable.
To a Cordilleran like me, who was born and raised in a poor family in Kibungan, this aspiration was foreign to me.
But here I am.

And now, as a father of a one-year-old baby, a husband to a loving wife, at 33 years of age, all I can say is this, “Thank you, Lord, for allowing and enabling me to do all these, even at a young age. Help me to do more… up to my old age.”

This is why I continue to learn from mentors who are doing this in a world class level. This is also the reason why I am passionate in reaching out to authors like you who share the same desire — to make a good living and live a life of meaning helping others grow.

This is why my Inner Circle program is born: The Messenger Mastermind.

In this program, Coach Chris Inner Circle: The Messenger Mastermind, you will have access to the following:

  • Bi-Monthly Mastermind Session (Value P11,000)
  • Updates/New Strategies from my mentors (priceless)
  • Online community of supportive authors like you (priceless)
  • Free Access Selected future programs and events (priceless)
  • Enhanced Reach More Readers video training and group coaching (Value P1,500)
  • Improved Build a Business Around Your Book online course and group coaching (Value P24,000)
  • Aspiring Authors Minicourse and Masterclass for your next books (Value P4,500)
    TOTAL VALUE P41,000

This is of so much value. But I won’t charge you that much.
It will only be at P1,997 per month.

And as Founding Members, you will get two slots for the price of one.
Yes, that cuts the price in half, plus you get to do this with a buddy,
this makes it more fun and encouraging — leading to accelerated results!

And I want to give you this BONUS:

  • a blow by blow review of your signature 1-2 hr webinar content and slides (Value P2,000, free for you)
  • free access to How to Be a Professional Speaker (Value P3,000)
  • free access to How to Design and Deliver Transformative Trainings (Value P3,000)
  • you will be a recognized affiliate for RMR, BBB, and AAMM, which entitles you to a 10% commission for every successful referral (limitless potential value)


If you’re still thinking, don’t worry. You can try it out and if you’re not satisfied during the first month, we will give you your money back. This is our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes, membership is cancellable anytime.

Sessions will start on November 12 (every 2nd and 4th Saturday 6:00-7:30pm).
This is after our BBB Celebration Call.

Sign up NOW before this special offer goes away.

If you have questions, email or text 0999-718-0444, and say that you are interested to join Coach Chris Inner Circle: The Messenger Mastermind at the promo price.

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